How To Flip An Apartment Building

One of the most exciting aspects of real estate is wholesaling; the ability to quick-turn a property and pick up a check at closing a few days later. No banks, no financing, just cash, quick, into Hip National Bank.

The most obvious way to start wholesaling is with SFR’s, but there’s a problem. Everyone else who has been taught the business thinks this too, and there is wicked competition.

There is a solution though.

Leave the world of SFR’s and turn your attention to apartment buildings. Yes, you can wholesale apartment buildings exactly the same way you wholesale houses. Why not? They are real estate just like houses, they just have bigger numbers attached.

But that works in your favor. Bigger price tag, bigger assignment fee.

How much bigger?  I think you would have trouble believing me, so I have a case study audio I want you to listen to.

It tells the story of a middle aged man looking for a new beginning, and his teenage son, and how they ventured into apartment investing and consequently made a high five figure profit on their very first deal, flipping an apartment building.

They had not a single penny in the transaction. Yes, money changed hands, but none of theirs, and in less than two weeks they had wholesaled an apartment building picking up an assignment fee of close to $70,000.

Listen to this story very carefully, it is packed with tips, insight and inspiration.

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