Get Motivated Apartment Owners Calling You

Apartment Wholesaling Live – Video 4

There are many ways to generate a solid multi-family deal flow, though nothing quite compares to sending a postcard with a compelling message, likely to be of great interest, to all of the apartment owners in the county you are wanting to buy in. I mean, other ways are great, and they produce deals, but dollar for dollar, pound for pound, direct mail beats them all.

You get your message in front of every possible prospect, as often as you want to do, and it’s hard to beat that. The big balk factor with direct mail though is the you have to spend money, and the fear associated with spending money is that you might not get it back. Well, as you see in this video, the number of dollars you put into a direct mail is totally up to you. You can start small and work your way up. As you will also see, by properly preparing your list, you can make the dollars you do “invest” in a direct mail campaign go a long way.

The other big balk factor associated with using direct mail to create dealflow for apartment deals is the hassle involved. You’ve got to putz around with getting the cards or letters printed, then getting stamps and putting them on the postcards, or hiring someone to do it, and it’s all just so much hassle for an uncertain outcome. Well, Click2mail does away with all of that. You can now do all of that from your computer.

After watching this video my hope is you will understand, getting motivated apartment owners calling you wanting to sell their problem properties, will never be a problem.