Dave Lindahl’s Apartment House Riches Review

The first part of building wealth with apartment buildings is learning how the game is played. In that sense Dave Lindahl’s course on apartment investing, Apartment House Riches is an accessible, fun ride through the process.

The heart of the course are CD recordings of a seminar given by Dave Lindahl that take you through the apartment buying process as he sees it, and a main manual which contains edited transcripts and a few diagrams. He is a very engaging speaker and delivers the content in an upbeat manner, with many anecdotes about his personal experience.

(***Note: I purchased the course in 2007 and the version I received contained 7 audio CD’s. My understanding is that later versions of the course have this content broken into a greater number of actual CD discs. Nevertheless, I would assume the content on the discs, whatever their number, would be the same.)

Dave Lindahl's Apartment House Riches

There are 7 audio CDs breaking the content into the following topics:

Disc 1:

1. The Chunker Strategy:

2. “Chunkers”

3. Advantages of Apartment House Investing

4. Apartment Houses Vs Single Family

5. Market Cycles


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Lance Edwards Multi-Family Success Review

Wherever you currently are in real estate, whatever you part of business you are focused on, eventually you realize that the greatest way to leverage your time and effort is to start buying apartment buildings. And not just five or ten units, but one hundred or two hundred unit buildings.

This epiphany usually comes to investors after they have flipped their fourth or fifth house and they realize that, while the money is good, there must be a better way to do this. And there is indeed a better way … apartment investing.

But how do you learn the game? More importantly, who can you learn from? One apartment investor offering to teach you the business is Lance Edwards with his course, Multi-Family Success.

The Multi-Family Success home study course contains a primary course and a raft of bonus items that are actually pretty useful. The main course itself is made up of seven modules, and Edwards has structured the modules sequentially so that he covers the apartment buying process from start to finish.


Multi-Family Success

Here is a list of the modules in Multi-Family Success and a brief outline of what they contain:

Module 1:
Introduction outlining the components of successful multi-family investing and apartments are the way to build huge wealth.

Module 2:
Analyzing profitable apartment deals. Teaches you the different classes of apartment buildings, what to look for in deals, what to avoid, and what profitable deals look like.

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