Lance Edwards And Multi-Family Success

Buying apartment buildings can appear thoroughly daunting, and overwhelming when you first face down the task of getting it done. But just like anything else, there is a “right way” to do it so you avoid the major traps and follow the straightest line a successful purchase.

Odds are you won’t find that “right way” your first attempt by yourself, but if you follow the instructions of a seasoned pro, someone who has already made the mistakes, figured out the right, best way to buy apartment buildings, then you can tag along and travel the straight line to a successful purchase ahead of schedule.

That’s what Lance Edwards is; a successful apartment investor who has figured out the most effective way to buy high-profit apartment buildings. Recently I spoke to Lance about his process and what he does.

There were a few surprises, things you wouldn’t expect to be true about how to buy most effectively.


  • you don’t need a single penny of your own money to do it
  • it’s easier to buy bigger properties than smaller properties
  • credit is not an issue when buying apartment properties

There were more, but those where the main ones that caught my attention.

Below is a recording of the conversation I had with Lance. It’s about 90 minutes long. In the first half of the call Lance is talking about the process for buying apartments he uses in his Multi-Family Success course, and the second half he is answering questions that some SMART Guide subscribers had sent in about problems they were having with getting started buying their first property. Graciously, Lance answered them all.

Have a listen, I think you will find the Teleclass very illuminating.

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Also, if you are serious about creating passive income that frees you from your job, I recommend you invest in Lance’s Multi-Family Success system.