Lance Edwards Multi-Family Success Review

Wherever you currently are in real estate, whatever you part of business you are focused on, eventually you realize that the greatest way to leverage your time and effort is to start buying apartment buildings. And not just five or ten units, but one hundred or two hundred unit buildings.

This epiphany usually comes to investors after they have flipped their fourth or fifth house and they realize that, while the money is good, there must be a better way to do this. And there is indeed a better way … apartment investing.

But how do you learn the game? More importantly, who can you learn from? One apartment investor offering to teach you the business is Lance Edwards with his course, Multi-Family Success.

The Multi-Family Success home study course contains a primary course and a raft of bonus items that are actually pretty useful. The main course itself is made up of seven modules, and Edwards has structured the modules sequentially so that he covers the apartment buying process from start to finish.


Multi-Family Success

Here is a list of the modules in Multi-Family Success and a brief outline of what they contain:

Module 1:
Introduction outlining the components of successful multi-family investing and apartments are the way to build huge wealth.

Module 2:
Analyzing profitable apartment deals. Teaches you the different classes of apartment buildings, what to look for in deals, what to avoid, and what profitable deals look like.

Module 3:
Funding your deals. Goes through how to deal with loan brokers, specifically what to say to them to put you in control. This module also teaches how to raise private money and provides numerous sources. Crucially, it teaches you how to position yourself with potential investors.

Module 4:
Finding deals. This module teaches you the basics of marketing and how to establish steady flow of deals coming to you. It gives you paid and also free sources. One valuable section is about how to deal with commercial brokers and provides a script for you to position yourself with them as a serious pro investor.

Module 5:
Contracting and closing deals. Takes you through the closing timeline. Goes through in detail what must be in the contract, how to deal with all the third party players during this period.

Module 6:
Property Management. Goes through how to manage a property yourself, if that’s the route you choose. Emphasizes hiring good management companies, and outlines the key management components to stay on top of to keep things hands free.

Module 7:
Getting it done. This module teaches how to construct an action plan and integrate components of mindset to make a side issue out of the inevitable fear and avoidance issues likely to come up. Sheets for tracking your progress included.

The Bonuses include; 1) a live group consultation call where Lance Edwards answers all questions you have, 2) 90 days of email consultation, where you can ask anything about any deals you are doing in as much detail as you like, and get answers, 3) a written transcript of the audios, 4) a Quick Start Guide outlining the steps to take in the first 30 days, including a “roadmap”  and specific weekly assignments, 5) you get access to a digital version of the course emailed to you immediately after buying.

It’s probably useful to point out here that when you call in for his consulting offer, you actually get to talk to Edwards himself. I mention this because it’s not always the case with other courses that are out there.

In my listening of these modules I found the seminar to be very upbeat and easy to listen to. Class participants asked just about every question that came to mind concerning the part of the process being discussed and Edwards was deft in his explanations. He clearly knows what he is talking about.

The real value of this course, and in my opinion where it differentiates itself from others, is the focus that Lance Edwards puts on mindset. That is, in many parts of the apartment buying process it is easy to be intimidated by the size of the numbers, or your lack of experience in dealing with the other professionals you have to interface with to push through the deal to closing, and this causes you to back off and not do the deal. Edwards astutely recognizes this is just fear at work and nothing more. There are mindset discussions in various parts of the Multi-Family Success course concerning dealing with the professionals you are going to have to work with, and how to deal with them to get a positive result. I found the advice concerning how to deal with commercial brokers particularly useful. Also, the mindset discussions around apartment loan agents and raising private money very helpful as well.

This course is clearly aimed at people already in real estate, maybe in single family homes, but it is still very accessible for someone who is entirely new to real estate. Edwards explains all the concepts involved in multi-family investing at a basic level, but then takes you deep to the core of how they are used in the apartment buying process. For this reason his course is both, a good entry point for beginners, and a useful resource for already experienced investors. If your goal is to buy a profitable apartment building in the next three to six months, I can’t think of who would not benefit from owning the course.

In the end though, a course like this is only as good as the results it produces. I asked Lance Edwards if he had any successful students and if he could show me some deals they bought. He actually became rather animated in response to this question and provided me with a couple of interviews with students who had bought deals within six months of their taking his course. I have provided one of these (Adam and Michel Dyer) for you below.

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One drawback of the course is it didn’t include any analysis software. This seems to have become a standard feature in other real estate investing courses, however not here. I had to think about whether this was really a drawback. Personally, even though I have 4 copies of “deal analysis” software from other courses, I rarely find myself using it. It can be useful, but for the most I personally use the deal analysis form, similar to that provided in Multi-Family Success. It’s more tangible and seems more real to me. You may be different, however I thought I may mention this.

If owning an apartment building that produces a $10,000+ monthly income and $1M net worth is something you want, this program can definitely get you there. You will have to work hard and go out of your comfort zone to accomplish everything that needs to be done, however all of these scenarios are addressed in the course and scripts are provided. Additionally, Edwards provides consultations for 3 months if you need specific questions answered and there is a community for all of his course owners.

First of all, let me get a couple of things out into the open. I know Lance Edwards. I first saw his name on a sales notification email when he bought my marketing course back in 2002. Then I got to meet him personally when we both attended the same marketing event in Detroit in 2005, and we’ve stayed in touch over the years.

Secondly, when you buy Multi-Family Success from this page I get paid a commission. I hope you don’t have a problem with that, of course you are always free to call Lance direct to order, but my goal in writing this review is to give you enough information to feel confident you are making a good investment decision (this is an investment in yourself … I hope you believe you are worth the best), and to provide enough value for you that you want to buy through me.

But here is why I recommend why you buy Multi-Family Success.

1) Lance Edwards is red hot real estate investor at the top of his game. That’s right, he is still buying and closing on deals every month and every quarter. He may seem all cuddly and nice on the surface, but underneath there’s an investor with intense drive and commitment to improve. The result is an A player apartment investor.

2) He has discovered what gives life meaning at the beginning of his career instead of at the end. As a result he has opted to stay with the more meaningful activity of helping beginning investors get into the game, instead of just amassing thousands of apartments units as a testament to some notion of personal “greatness”. He has a firm grip on what his unique ability is and the greatest contribution he can make. The result of this is a better learning environment and more effective training for you.

3) Lance Edwards has put his finger on the biggest roadblock beginning investors run into … Mindset … and made it the centerpiece of his entire program. You learn mindset skills, and how to master them. The result is, the process of you buying a profitable apartment building, is transformational.

4) I believe in what he is doing.


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