Apartment Investing Help Call #1

Are you on the verge of getting started with apartment investing, but have these big annoying questions that are stopping you from moving forward? Do you feel like the learning curve is so steep you are better off throwing in the towel before you even begin?

Well, it can be intimidating, no doubt. What with trying to manage commercial brokers to bring you deals, “the money”, what about all the money you need? And, what if all the good deals are taken?

Let me tell you; that’s all crazy talk. The reality is, buying apartments can be broken down into 5-6 discrete steps, and once you learn and master the processes in each step, buying a profitable apartment building with none of your own money becomes almost automatic.

It’s a bit of a paradigm shift though; you focus on the process, not on individual tasks.

This is a hard nut to swallow when you are fírst beginning and feeling overwhelmed. Recently I did a promotion with Lance Edwards to promote his Multi-Family Success course (which I highly recommend you invest in), and I experienced this first hand.

Even though Lance and I were offering his training with a fifteen day trial with no money up front, people still freaked out about the details, not believing they could buy a property so large, they didn’t have the money, the credit, the experience, they wouldn’t be able to find good deals, etc..

In response to this, I thought having “Help Calls” up front where people could ask anything they wanted about what was terrifying them in the apartment buying process, would allay some fears and instill a bit of confidence.

It turns out our Help Calls were a great success and I received a lot of positive feedback about them.

I divided them into the questions about related subjects. As many worried enquiries came in about how to find good deals, the first Help Call is about the critical first step; creating dealflow.

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Here is the call. I hope you find it helpful.


P.S. I highly recommend Lance’s Multi-Family Success course, and suggest you invest in it now.