Apartment Investing Help Call #3


It may be hard to really take this idea to heart, but it is true; you, as you sit right now, have the wherewithal to go out and buy a “profitable” 200 unit apartment building in the next 90 to 180 days, no matter what the purchase price.

It costs nothing to talk to commercial brokers and get them sending deals to you. You know how to analyze deals to identify those that will be profitable. It costs nothing to call an apartment loan broker and get them to line up financing, and you know how to shepherd a deal through the closing process.

But what about all the cash that is needed? What about about the closing costs, the earnest money, the down payment? What about all the money needed to rehab the units after closing? What about all the cash needed to pay fees?

Yes, that’s right. Private money. It is ALL covered by private money you raise in the course of doing the deal. None of it comes from you.

Think about that. Let it sink in.

What that means is, you can buy literally any size apartment building, as long as it’s a deal. And as long as you know how to raise private money.

But there is a lot of fear around raising private money, (around SEC rules, and being rejected) and that fear holds many beginning investors back. On Apartment Investing Help Call #3, Lance Edwards explains how to deal with SEC issues, and also how to position yourself so that investors want to invest with you, and provide you with all the money you need.

Here is Help Call #3.

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P.S. The U.S. Economy is moving into a new phase, and not going back. Thanks to the flood of capital seeking yields, and apartments offering predictable returns, Apartment Investing is the place to be. I highly recommend Lance’s Multi-Family Success course to school you in every aspect of buying and turning around a Class C Apartment building to create predictable, solid cashflow into the future, and that you invest in it now.