Apartment Investing Help Call #4


On the topic of deal analysis and the all important area for apartment investing of belief systems about what is and what is not possible when establishing dealflow and putting deals together.

Any market place is by nature competitive, so you have all the different players in the marketplace throwing in their lot trying to get the most of what they want. Sellers want the highest price. Buyers want the lowest price, realtors want listings that sell without too much work. So everyone has their take on what “reality” is depending on what they would like to see happen, so they can benefit the most and/or get hurt the least.

If you are an apartment entrepreneur, when you enter the market melee with all of this going on, it can be confusing, and frustrating, because all kinds of conflicting interests have all kinds of conflicting information flying about.

To have a chance of putting together deals that will be profitable, you have to be independent minded, and firmly resolve to uncover the reality going on with any given deal that comes across your desk.

In this call, Lance answers some questions from students that have been blown around the market place by misinformation and half truths from sellers and brokers. He sets a student straight about deal analysis, and the proper mindset for an apartment entrepreneur to succeed.

If are starting off with apartment investing, this is an important call. I hope you get a lot out of it.

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